While community groups work to mobilize voters, a deluge of TV ads is set to make Wisconsin's the most expensive state supreme court race ever.
The pharmaceutical giant spent big bucks amid key international negotiations last year to protect record earnings.
Congress is set to receive a report on how the IRS can streamline the tax filing process after lobbyists for Intuit bundled millions for the Senate…
Three of the four super PACs aligned with House and Senate leaders brought in record high amounts from their "dark money" affiliates in the midterms.
Joe Kiani, CEO of medical tech company Masimo, hosted a California fundraiser for Biden when the 2020 Democratic presidential contest was still a…
Chinese company ByteDance does not have a PAC, but it still found a way to make donations honoring hundreds of members of Congress.
The Democracy for the People Act, backed by a coalition of Minnesota groups, would also increase "dark money" disclosure in state races.
As a consumer protection subcommittee chairman, Blumenthal has focused on the role pharmaceutical benefit managers play in driving up the cost of drugs.
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